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Teak Alexandria Folding Arm Chair
W58 | D58 | H91
Teak Alexandria Folding Chair
W48 | D58 | H91
Teak Hanton Folding Arm Chair
W57 | D60 | H100
Teak Hanton Folding Chair
W47 | D60 | H100
Teak Hero Folding Arm Chair
W55 | D61 | H91
Teak Hero Folding Chair
W44 | D61 | H91
Teak Straight Folding Arm Chair
W57 | D45 | H89
Teak Straight Folding Chair
W47 | D45 | H89
Teak Standard Folding Arm Chair
W57 | D45 | H89
Teak Standard Folding Chair
W47 | D45 | H89
Teak Randu Folding Arm Chair
W52 | D43 | H86
Teak Randu Folding Chair
W42 | D43 | H86
Teak Pati Folding Chair
W48 | D64 | H100
Teak Pati Folding Arm Chair
W58 | D64 | H100

A folding chair made from teak is a type of portable seating furniture that is constructed primarily from teak wood and can be folded for easy storage and transportation. Teak is a tropical hardwood known for its durability, weather resistance, and natural beauty, making it an excellent choice for outdoor furniture, including folding chairs.

Folding chairs made from teak typically feature a sturdy frame crafted from teak wood and a seat/backrest made from teak slats or panels. The folding mechanism allows the chair to be collapsed or folded flat, making it convenient to store in small spaces or transport to different locations.

Teak folding chairs are popular choices for outdoor events, camping, picnics, or as extra seating for gatherings due to their portability, durability, and classic aesthetic. They offer both functionality and style, making them versatile additions to any outdoor setting.

Introducing Kusuma Furniture's Folding Chair collection: where convenience meets elegance. Crafted with precision and quality teak wood, our folding chairs offer both durability and timeless style. Perfect for outdoor events, picnics, or compact living spaces, these chairs provide comfort and functionality wherever you go. Explore our Folding Chair collection today and discover the perfect blend of practicality and sophistication, only at Kusuma Furniture.

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