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Teak Reclaimed

Reclaimed Teak Brittania Bench
W180 | D40 | H45
Reclaimed Teak Kuta Bench
W180 | D40 | H45
Reclaimed Teak Planter
W45 | D45 | H45
Reclaimed Teak Brittania Table
W180 | D100 | H75
Reclaimed Teak Kuta Table
W180 | D100 | H75

Teak reclaimed for outdoor furniture refers to teak wood that has been salvaged or repurposed from old structures, such as buildings, bridges, or boats, and then used to create outdoor furniture pieces. Teak reclaimed for outdoor furniture offers a sustainable, durable, and aesthetically pleasing option for creating unique and environmentally conscious outdoor living spaces.

Explore the timeless beauty of Kusuma Furniture's Teak Reclaimed collection. Crafted from salvaged teak wood, our pieces carry a rich history and unique character that adds charm to any outdoor space. With durability that withstands the test of time and a sustainable approach to craftsmanship, our reclaimed teak furniture offers both elegance and environmental responsibility. Discover the rustic allure of our Teak Reclaimed collection and redefine your outdoor living with Kusuma Furniture.

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teak outdoor furniture


teak outdoor furniture