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2023-03-22 08:54:00

5 Reasons Why Teak Wood is in Great Demand

  1. Teak Wood Quality

    For those who know the type of teak wood, of course, they are already familiar. The reason is that this type of teak wood material is well known for its long-lasting strength, even without affecting the weather, such as being resistant to heat and rain.

    This is one of the reasons teak is the most favorite type of material, especially in the furniture industry. The durability of teak wood is no longer in doubt for its fans, even its quality is also recognized throughout the world. Worldwide enthusiasts for teak wood because it has many aspects that do not exist in other types of wood.

  2. Teak Wood Has Aesthetics

    Teak wood also has high aesthetics. Thus, apart from being expensive and having decorative aesthetic quality, teak wood is the reason why it is always in great demand. It is not surprising that teak is considered to be the only most luxurious wood known for many years. This reason is also strengthened by the smoothness and beauty of the color that is owned by this type of teak wood. Even the galih cross section found in teak wood can be used as a high aesthetic value.

    In production as furniture and supporting components in building construction, the process of working with teak wood is also fairly easy. Although at the beginning of the processing process, teak wood is crunchier than similar wood, but gradually it has high strength. The longer the age of teak wood that has been used in home ornaments and furniture, the stronger the quality will be. This is the advantage that teak wood has, it is not easily brittle or damaged, it is even stronger so that its existence is still being hunted by its fans.

  3. Benefits of Teak Wood

    The various benefits of teak wood are one of the reasons why it is always in demand. Apart from being used as a component in house construction, teak wood can also be used for furniture at home.

    Even though the price is exorbitant compared to other types of wood, teak wood is still being hunted because it is impressed with its quality. Furniture industry players recognize the quality of teak wood which is well known to the eyes of the world. Therefore, it is not surprising that teak wood exports from various countries have their own demand.

    Various processed furniture products from teak wood have very reasonable prices. Even so, the benefits of teak wood furniture are undoubtedly the quality that can be felt for generations. In fact, since the 17th century wood has been used as the main material for VOC ships. Not only used as ship material, teak at that time was also used for heavy construction, namely bridges and rail sleepers.

  4. Types of Teak Wood

    Besides the exorbitant price, finished wood has several types. A number of types of teak wood certainly have their respective advantages. Even so, teak wood enthusiasts still value the most special wood.

    This can be proven in the processed teak wood which has been transformed into furniture so that the construction of every house always looks luxurious. Gold teak wood is one type that many admirers are interested in.

    This is one of the reasons, golden teak can grow faster with the same quality as other types of teak. Remarkably, for this type of golden teak it only takes 6 to 14 years to be ready for harvest and felling.

    This type of golden teak wood has a dark skin color and is characterized by larger pores. The advantages of this type of golden teak wood include the age of the tree being more durable and growing faster.

    This type of golden teak wood also has straight stems and is easy to shape as needed, for example, aesthetic furniture products. Look elsewhere for golden teak, which has straight and sturdy branches. Can be used as additional wood.

    Another advantage of golden teak is that it is cheaper than other types of teak. Suppliers don't have to be involved, because this type of golden teak wood can be found anywhere.

  5. Teak Wood Resistance

    The last reason is why teak wood is being hunted by enthusiasts, including having a resistance that reaches hundreds of years. Even though the price is relatively expensive, the use of teak wood furniture can last at least 70 years or a maximum of hundreds of years more. That is one of the causes of teak wood being the most popular type of material in the market. When used as a furniture investment, teak wood can last much longer than other types of wood, which on average only lasts up to 30 years. In general, teak grows at dawn in the islands of Java, Madura, Bali and Sumbawa. However, teak trees thrive most in the East Java region, including Central Java, to be precise in the Cepu area. The term use of teak wood type material is better known in the furniture industry, more commonly referred to as the origin of teak. For example teak originating from Central Java can then be called middle teak, or teak originating from East Java can be referred to as East teak and so on. Apart from mentioning the type of teak wood, there are many



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